Astier de Villatte are renowned globally for their furniture, dinnerware and ceramic objects. They are the last artisan-producing ceramics house in Paris. Each piece is handcrafted, the occasional irregularities considered qualities that breathe life and authenticity into each unique ceramic piece. 

Their luxurious artisan candle range, produced with famous French nose, Françoise Caron, takes its voyageurs on an enchanting sensory journey, each candle evoking and conjuring up a place, a city or a street. The resulting scents are always delicate and never overpowering. They are manually produced in a workshop in the south of France, and are 100% natural. The exceptional vegetable wax, with it’s pure braided cotton wicks, guarantees a slow burn time (60-70hrs). Their glass pots are blown in Tuscany and speckled with tiny air bubbles. Each one is unique and collectable!