18 carat rose gold ring and blue sand stone

motif size : 18 mm

Ajna, the third eye,the sixth chakra, the window to the soul. A cut-out eye outline, offered in gold, playing with GINETTE NY Jumbo, medium and mini sizes. A precious version in diamond and sapphire. A mesmerizing sautoir. All coming as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.


The Blue Sandstone is man-made. It is the association of aventurine, copper, and quartz sand. Being made of natural stones it keeps its lithotherapy benefits. Because of its midnight blue and very sparkly color, it is sometimes called the starry stone or the night stone. Some believe it was first created in an Italian monastery. Some say it was made by alchemists.

This stone is known for its soothing virtues: it reduces anxiety, stress, and other emotional disorders.

Blue Sandstone also develops intuition and creativity: it stimulates inspiration and enhances self-expression, making it a favorite stone for writers.